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Disruption in power supply on March 15 due to maintenance

14-Mar-2023 Citizen corner

Hassan: On March 15th from Kavipranini, due to emergency maintenance work at 66/11KV Santhepet Hassan VV Kendra, from 10 AM to 06 PM on that day, electricity is supplied from 66/11KV Santhepet Hassan VV Kendra, Santepet Circle, Gandhibazar, Srinagar, N....

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Request not to disembark Konanur passengers at Ramanathapura

03-Mar-2023 Politics

Konanur: Akhila Karnataka H.D. said that some buses of the Ramanathapura unit should drop off Konanur passengers in the evening instead of at the Ramanathapura...

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Urge to ban alcohol in the state, D N Hemant Kumar

24-Feb-2023 Citizen corner

Hassan: President of Radhamma Janaspandan D N Hemant Kumar requested that alcohol should be banned in the state for the sake of health and peaceful...

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AAP district leader Yogesh sarcastically sweeping looters

12-Feb-2023 Politics

Hassan: AAP district leader Agile Yogesh indirectly sneered at MLA Pritam Gowda for taking the broom of looters in Hassan and sweeping them outside the town...

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Illegal sale of Counterfeit Liquor : Protest Outbreak

10-Feb-2023 Politics

Hassan: The incident took place on Thursday when the women of various Self Help Sanghs, Stri Shakti Sanghs and the activists of Karave Praveen Shetty...

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A new Budget presented to the Municipality, saving some lakhs

10-Feb-2023 Citizen corner

Hassan: President Dani presented the budget of Belur Municipality 2023-24 with an initiation fee of Rs 12.87 lakh, an expected income of Rs 29.50 crore,...

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State level dog show inaugurated by MLA Pritam

30-Jan-2023 Citizen corner

Hassan: State-level dog show competition and dog fashion show held on Sunday at the Lion Canal Club Hassan at Salagame Road, Art College Grounds in the...

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MLA inaugurates Ragi-Paddy Procurement Centre

29-Jan-2023 Citizen corner

Hassan: MLA S. Lingesh has suggested that ragi and paddy should be procured so that there are no loopholes in the procurement centre. He was...

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Leopard captured in swift operation at Kesavattur

29-Jan-2023 Citizen corner

Hassan: A male leopard fell into a cage near Kesavattur on the night of Friday January 27. On Thursday January 26 night, a leopard barged...

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