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Five thousand rupees fine for littering anywhere

29-May-2023 Citizen corner

Belur: In order to improve the beauty of Belur, the tourist destination, the municipality has been giving more emphasis on cleanliness. However, only a few people contribute to the untidiness of the town by littering everywhere. Belur Municipal Chairperson Theertha...

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Harsh warning from the municipality to street-cart operators

24-May-2023 Citizen corner

Belur: In the background of thousands of tourists coming to the world famous Belur town every day, Belur chief Manjunath has warned that street vendors...

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Free medical checkup camp by Rotary organization

23-May-2023 Citizen corner

Belur: Father Muller Hospital, Mangalore has a history of 142 years and is shining with past glory in medical services and is providing good medical...

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A man died outside the polling station after voting

10-May-2023 Citizen corner

A 48-year-old man named Jayanna, who voted in polling station number 211 of Chikkole village under Kogile Mane village panchayat of Belur taluk, died of...

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If BJP wins, Belur will develop: Hullalli Suresh

06-May-2023 Politics

Belur: Only if the leader governs properly, the people of that area can be happy and prosperous. If the leader’s administration is not proper, the...

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Bajrang Dal pamphlet against Congress in Belur

06-May-2023 Politics

Belur: Bajrang Dal and Hanuman devotees pasted leaflets saying no vote for Congress in our house. He expressed his outrage by putting up a poster...

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Bad work for the hilly roads – people are outraged

26-Apr-2023 Citizen corner

Belur: The Belur-Bikkodu-Sakaleshpur road has been badly damaged and the temporary pothole patching work is very poor and delayed. Contractors are working on the attic....

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Free Ramadan ration kits for 200 families

24-Apr-2023 Citizen corner

Belur: Around 200 families were given food ration kits by Tulsidas Charitable Trust in the backdrop of Ramzan. On the occasion of the Ramzan festival...

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Cooker given to the voters by Belur BJP candidate

20-Apr-2023 Politics

Belur: As the state assembly election fever is increasing day by day, the cooker given to the voters by Belur BJP candidate and BJP district...

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Akkamahadevi is ideal for the life of women, Tahsildar Mamta

07-Apr-2023 Citizen corner

Belur: Tahsildar M. Mamata said that Akka Mahadevi, a brave woman who fought for equal status in society in the 12th century, is a role...

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