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BJP to power through smuggling – Rahul Gandhi

BJP to power through smuggling - Rahul Gandhi
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Araseikere: The ruling BJP government in the state was not elected by the people. The thief has taken power by stealth. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that the government was formed by buying MLAs with money.
Polling for Congress candidate KM Sivalinge Gowda in the taluk, he asked, “We have told the people of the state our five guarantees and plans. What will you do if the BJP comes to power? Will you increase the commission from 10 percent to 60 percent?”
BJP should not tell lies, what action have you taken on corruption? What did you do during the flood? What measures have you taken to eliminate unemployment? He demanded that the Prime Minister should tell the people what he will do for the next five years when he comes to the state.
BJP people have a lot of love for the number 40 and use the number 40 wherever they go. This time you remind them the number 40 again and give 40 seats to those who showed you the number 10 for 3 years.
Congress should be given 150 seats: If Congress gets less seats, BJP will try to buy MLAs and then commission 18:40 to 60%. He said that they should give majority to Congress and teach BJP a lesson.
No matter what children are asked, they will say that the government here is 40% commission government. Everyone in Karnataka knows it. The contractors’ association wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and said that the government in Karnataka is getting 40% commission. Even though the Prime Minister read the letter, there has been no reply. Swamiji of Gadagin has complained that he got 30% commission and 10% discount. The MLA’s son has been caught with Rs crores of cash, recruitment scams have also taken place,’ he said.
Let the Prime Minister answer;
BJP, which stole the government earlier, has been stealing from you through the government. The Prime Minister will come here and give a speech. But, the truth is that there has been corruption in the state for 3 years and 40% commission has been obtained. The Prime Minister knows this. If the children of the state should know this news, the Prime Minister must also know. What measures has the Prime Minister taken to prevent corruption in the state in 3 years? How many have you taken action against? Insist on this in his State of the Union address. Tell people that
But the Prime Minister coming to the state is saying that the Congress is attacking me, but instead tell me what you have done to the people of the state, there is no question of the Prime Minister, these are the women of the state. Question of the youth and farmers: What action have you taken regarding the violence on the Karnataka-Maha Rashtra border? What action was taken regarding the sharing of water between Karnataka, Goa, Mahara and when Karnataka was given money for its share, how did you help the youth in that case? What did you do to help when there was a flood? Say your words and also talk about Karna Taka…
“When you come to the state, don’t talk about your leaders, you don’t say the name of the Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai. Develop a habit of mentioning the names of your leaders in the middle of your speech, so that your respect will not be diminished, instead your leaders will give a good message to the people,” he said.
5 year blueprint;
The Congress Party has formulated a blueprint for the next five years of the state, our leaders have talked to the people and made plans. Congress has proposed five revolutionary projects in this. They said that they are ready to give you back the money that BJP has stolen from your pocket.

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